Translator Riina Vällo

Tallinn, Estonia


Telephone: +372 52 935 19

Prices for translation services are calculated per standard page of 1,800 characters, spaces included.

Depending on the circumstance whether the original text is submitted as a Word document or in another format, the number of characters is calculated on the basis of the original text or translation, respectively.

No universal price for a standard page can be fixed because every text is unique, and the price depends on the specific text.

The price depends on the following:

● Language direction

● Level of difficulty of the text

● Deadline for translation

The normal price per page is valid in case the deadline does not imply bigger volume of work than 5 pages per working day which is considered normal workload for a translator.

Taking into account that I work alone and do not divide work with other translators, I can only accept as much of work as I can manage to perform. On the one hand, this implies longer deadlines for translations, but on the other hand, it also ensures consistent style and terminology as well as even quality of translation throughout the whole text.

If the client still needs translation within a shorter deadline, I always try to do my best to satisfy the client's need. However, I may charge extra fee for this, which can be up to 50 % of the normal price.

● The circumstance whether the original text has been submitted in Word format or in another format.

 If possible, please present your text
always as a Word document!

First, in case of a Word document, the number of characters can be identified immediately, and the quote can be presented as a fixed amount before accepting the work order. In case of a text in another format (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), though, the quote can only be given on the grounds of estimation, or it may be agreed that the precise amount would be defined after completion of work according to the number of characters of the target language text.

Besides, a certain layout fee will be added in case of a text in another format, which may be up to 50 % of the price of translation work. This is due to the fact that it is extremely inconvenient ‒ and sometimes even impossible to translate in the Excel or PowerPoint fields, and therefore the real translation work must still be done in Word, and each and every piece of text must then be pasted to its place one by one. Moreover, translation always turns out to be a little longer than original text, and these pieces might not fit into their respective fields in the final file. Therefore the translator has to adjust either the format of the text or the field in order to make the final result both easily legible as well as aesthetic.

To get a price quote and place your order, please send your text for translation to:

For more information please call +372 52 935 19 or contact me via Skype: riinavallo.